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Children Writing and Publishing Books

January 27, 2015 Category: Kid's Corner Print This Post Print This Post


One day, we were at the bookstore. Our ten year old daughter commented that there were not very many good horse books written for girls her age. So I told her she should write one! I told her that we could get it published and she could try and sell it.

So, last school year, she started writing “Chelsey & Sparky”. It is a book about a little girl who wants to learn to ride horses.

She finished writing it at the end of the school year. Over the summer and fall, we worked on editing and getting all of her pictures that she drew scanned into the computer. We worked with www.lulu.com . We were able to get her book published! She wrote the book and drew all the pictures. Her sister wrote a poem for the book.

We are selling it on our site here and on www.lulu.com, www.barnesandnoble.com, and www.amazon.com.

Announcing….”Chelsey & Sparky”!

“Chelsey & Sparky”

chelseysparkyThis is a book about a little girl who wants to learn to ride horses. She takes lessons and learns a lot about horses, tack, and riding. Read the book to see how much she learns and how she does in her first horse show!
$8.99 plus $3.99 shipping

We have been very excited for her! It took a lot of work to stay with this book for over a year from start to finish!

Today, she is going to the Boys & Girls Club to read part of the book and tell her story about writing and publishing her very first book!

She proved that children, no matter what age, can accomplish amazing things!


Evan, age 7, Playing Jingle Bells on the Guitar

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Evan started playing the guitar a little less than a year ago. He quickly learned how to watch videos on Youtube and figure out songs.

One person that has influenced his playing is Sungha Jung from South Korea. He is 18 years old and started playing the guitar at the age of 10. He plays fingerstyle guitar and wishes to become a professional musician.

This is a video of my son, Evan, at the age of 7, playing the song Jingle Bells that he learned from watching a video of Sungha Jung.

Evan started playing the ukulele about a year and a half ago. We purchased a DVD course online and went through the songs on it to teach him to play. He quickly figured out how to find videos on Youtube that taught him additional songs.

He then picked up the guitar, then the mandolin. Everything else he knows, he has taught himself from watching these videos and asking questions about what musical terms mean.

I hope you enjoy it!


Origami Crane Step By Step Instructions

January 09, 2015 Category: Kid's Corner, Origami Print This Post Print This Post


This is a video that we recorded today showing step by step instructions on how to make an origami crane. There are so many things that you can make with Origami, so stay tuned for more videos!

Hope you enjoyed watching!


Christmas Donations – Reese’s Rainbow

December 09, 2014 Category: Family, Holidays Print This Post Print This Post


Please consider making a donation to Reese’s Rainbow for their Christmas Warrior program this Christmas.

Reese’s Rainbow is an organization that helps to raise money and awareness for adoptions for children with special needs. This runs near and dear to my heart. If you are looking at doing something special this year with your children, please consider this organization.

We select a child and pray for them to find a home. It is amazing how many families have found children through this amazing group of people.

 photo at2014low.png

Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!


Teaching Math to Children with Special Needs

November 17, 2014 Category: Education, Family, Special Needs Print This Post Print This Post


I have spent some time searching the internet for materials to teach Math concepts to my daughter that has special needs. I came across a great resource. The name of the website is Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County. Go to www.dsfoc.org to access the site.

They have spent countless hours putting together a Learning Program. The resources on their site are free. You do have to create a login, but they do not send unnecessary messages and they do not sell your email address.

The resources available are to help teach reading, speech, and math. I printed out the Math resources. The Math book I printed only showed counting and number recognition to number 5. The way the material was presented was very easy to teach and easy for my daughter to understand.

I liked it so much, but could not find more resources for teaching numbers after 5. So I spent some time today creating a pdf that continues in the same teaching/learning style that is presented in their materials, but shows numbers up to 11. The How Many 6-11 resource is the book with some worksheets in the back. The Numbers 6-11 are the flashcards that you print to use for matching and other games.

I am working on additional books that will teach more numbers. So be sure and check back if you like the format.

Feel free to print the materials as many times as you need and share with your friends and school.


How to Make Fly Repellant Sachets for Your Barn or House

September 24, 2014 Category: Animals Print This Post Print This Post


Flies and other insects are a pest around the barn. They carry diseases and are sometimes hard to eliminate. This recipe for sachet bags, made from herbs, can be hung anywhere that these pests hang out. My daughter put this together to share with our readers.

You can make theses and hang them from rafters, beside stalls (just make sure your horse doesn’t eat them), or by the back door. They are very easy to make and you can use fresh herbs or dried, whatever you have on hand. There isn’t a set measurement for the herbs, either.

For one sachet:
About a tablespoon of whole cloves
Fresh Mint
Fresh Rosemary
Dried Eucalyptus Leaves
Dried Thyme
Fresh Mint


Mix the herbs together.


Just wing it with the herbs. Try to put enough of the herbs so that you get a sachet that is a little bigger than a golf ball. Put about the same amount of every herb. If you use fresh herbs, just crush then up a little bit before you mix them in.

After you mix them, cut a square of cheesecloth to put them in and tie it with a string and hang it wherever you want to keep flies away from!



We also grow some of these herbs in the area around our barn, but not in the area where the horses can get to them to eat them.


New Page of Education Resources

June 16, 2014 Category: Education, Family Print This Post Print This Post


I started a new page on the site to add Education Resources. If you click on “Teaching Children”, you will see the menu option for “Education Resources”. I will be adding some of my favorite resources here for teaching your children. Or click here Education Resources .

If you have any sites that you use and want to recommend, please send a comment so that I can add them to this list for other parents


Homeschool Helper iPad App

May 15, 2014 Category: Education, Family Print This Post Print This Post


This year, I found an app for the iPad that is called Homeschool Helper. The app was designed, developed, and tested by a homeschooling family.

I purchased it mid school year. So, I did have to go back and enter some grades to be able to print End of Year Report Cards. The app is wonderful!

The features include:

– Ability to set up multiple students
– Enter lesson plans and print them
– Enter grades and print report cards
– Keep track of attendance and print attendance reports
– Track field trips
– Set up your own Grading Scale
– Built in Grade Calculator
– Email yourself a backup of your data
– Copy lessons from one student to another
– And lots more!

What I liked about it, compared to others I have used, is that the subjects/classes are not tied to a scheduled time during the day. I also liked that I was able to set up the app and begin using it in a very short period of time. You do not have to enter every lesson plan to enter a grade. You can just enter grades if you want to and let the app calculate your grades. So it is very flexible.

Check it out. Here is the link to their web site: http://www.homeschoolhelperapp.com/

Email or comment if you have any questions about it and I will try and help you. I did not receive anything from them for posting this review. I just wanted to share something that has been helpful to me!

Have a great one!


Texas A&M Colors Paracord Dog Leashes

May 06, 2014 Category: Dog Leashes, For Sale Print This Post Print This Post


The children found burgandy and white paracord and made dog leashes. We had some requests for these colors from Texas A&M Alumini. Now, we are offering them on our web site.

Texas A&M Colors

maroonwhiteIt measures approx. 33″ in length.
$20 plus $3.99 shipping

If you would like to place a custom order, please contact us at support@ranchoburritofarm.com. For an additional price, we can also make matching dog collars. Make sure that you email us with the size, if you want a matching collar.


Learning to Play the Fiddle

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Our daughter is learning to play the fiddle. We were looking for an easy way to teach her some songs. It seems to be more motivating when you can learn to play a recognizable song.

We found a web site called Fretless Finger Guides. The way it works is that you purchase a Finger Guide that goes on the fiddle. This shows you, using color coded circles, where to place your fingers to play certain notes. Then on the web site, they have color coded songs that make it easy to learn to play songs. The web site is www.fretlessfingerguides.com .

We ordered the Finger Guide. You have to make sure that you order the guide that is sized for your fiddle. My daughers’ is a 3/4 fiddle, so we ordered the guide that said 3/4. You can usually find the size on the inside of the fiddle.

When it arrived, we watched the “How to” video on the web site to easily attach the guide to the fiddle. It does not use glue or tape. It is like those window clings that stick to windows. It easily lines up to the strings on the fiddle.

When that is done, go to the web site and they have songs that you can look at the color coded lettered circles and they match up to the ones on the Finger Guide on the fiddle. Check it out! If you want to learn to play the fiddle, you will be up and going in no time!